The Bilberry Cottage Chronicles

May 2010

May has been a month of transition at Bilberry Cottage – out with the old and in with the new. So finally we have our balcony railing, pergola porch and new hall floor. Of course, the first week of the month saw an event which no-one had predicted: on Saturday 8th Sir William entered his Little House for the first time on Bilberry Cottage soil and the momentous occasion was duly recorded for posterity (see below). Inclement days have seen him in Blue Bonnet, enthusiastically pursuing his love/hate relationship with the two “soft” armadillos who live on the coveted basket chair. Towards the end of the month he has, thanks to Mediterranean–like temperatures, spent hours free to roam the Great Outdoors, although most of it has been spent laid out in the herbaceous border, so well camouflaged that it really wasn’t my fault that he got watered along with the newly planted poppies.

Most of my horticultural ambitions have been achieved for this year – in addition to many varieties of the afore-mentioned, I have lupins, peonies, sweet peas, lots of roses not to mention cherry tomatoes and strawberries just outside the back door. The magnolia and wisteria may be on the way out but cherry blossom, lilac and laburnum have brought vibrant colour to the western boundary. The green house has become the summer house and even the garden shed has had a makeover. The new oak floor looks as if it’s always been there which is exactly what we hoped to achieve but still awaits reinstallation of the skirting boards and the cloakroom is missing the toilet which currently resides in the dining room so still a little ways to go. However, I am pleased to report that the exterior of the porch has finally been painted and again, apart from the brilliant white “wet dash”, is difficult to distinguish from the original architecture. On a less self-congratulatory note, the whole house is now covered in dust and I am seriously thinking about finding a local Kim and Aggie to give it a good bottoming, possibly next week when Brian is in Louisiana doing his bit for the much, and possibly deservedly, maligned oil industry. Hopes of being totally up to scratch by mid July in time for trans-Atlantic visitors are buffeted but not dashed even if Brian is forced to let me wield a paintbrush indoors. Short-sightedly he has already mis-directed precious energy by painting the inside of the door to the cupboard under the stairs. Surely our visitors will not be that thorough in their inspection – they are supposed to be our friends!!

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