The Bilberry Cottage Chronicles

July – Dec 2010

Oh dear, where did the rest of the year go? Well, there were no more house improvements to chronicle as the exterior painting, new driveway & fencing and Brian’s cabin are projects for 2011.

July was enjoying the garden and fruits thereof plus a week in Majorca with girlfriend.

August was a wash out brightened by visits from friends and the Thanksgiving service for friends’ twin granddaughters. September brought a trip to Cambridge and Cumbria to meet up with (very) distant Australian relation and dig up a few more roots.

October saw the wedding of old friends and GF and I visiting a mutual friend in Eastern Germany and reading Goethe’s poetry from my old A level set text on his very own doorstep.

November: Very old friends had 60th birthdays

December: Snow, snow, snow. Mother in law taken poorly but happily made good recovery. Christmas, of course, with daughters 2 and 3 as Number One “woofing” (World of Organic Farming) in the Canaries. New Year 1920’s themed party at local hostelry – outing for 1970’s Frank Usher beaded number auction bargain. The Houston Reindeer make an appearance on the back lawn.

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