Welcome to The Merchants' Tale

The Merchants in Houston

The Merchants in Middletown (Part 1)

The Bilberry Cottage Chronicles

Chapter 1

Return of the Natives

January 2010

Chapter 2

Diary of a Daily Mail Columnist

February 2010

Chapter 3

The Spoils of Houston

March 2010

Chapter 4

February Blues

April 2010

Chapter 5

Time Marches on

May 2010

Chapter 6

... and on

June 2010

Chapter 7

Wot, no showres soote

December 2010

Chapter 8

Darling Buds

February 2011

Chapter 9

June Monsoon

Chapter 10

I Spy July

Final Chapter

(No) light in August (or As I lay dying)

September Song

The Nice Lady is Back!

May the Farce be with you

June? July? Looks like summer's Pie in the Sky

Remember, Remember the month of September...

Oh, alright, then!

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